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- Central
The Central region stands as Singapore's dynamic city centre where business, civic and arts districts overlap. It is home to a global business & financial hub, huge residential towns and a vibrant 24/7 lifestyle destination. mén chasers spent considerable amount of time chasing in Central as it holds “endless” variety of stylish, colourful and decorative pattern mén.
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- North East
The North East is the most densely populated and has the highest population among the five in Singapore. With its rustic islands, industrial estates, busy commercial areas, an old colonial airbase, mature residential and dynamic new towns, the North East region serves a colourful diversity of mén in every corner of North East.
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- North
Up North of Singapore is the calm, laidback side of the island with abundance of golf courses, reservoirs, nature reserves, cemeteries along with fewer, but unique attractions. It’s regional centre, Woodlands, boast the highest concentration of condominiums and landed properties, and is located a stone’s throw away from Johor, Malaysia.
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The East of Singapore is a largely residential region that has 20km of beach, excellent seafood eateries, and plenty of cycle paths as its drawcard. Known to be the quieter corner, the region has a laidback feel and spans kms of 19th-century colonial style shophouses fitted of cafes, f&bs and crafts shops - our mén chasers love venturing here!
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West of Singapore is the largest region in terms of land area and host the country’s largest manufacturing hub and deep forests. While it may feel out of the way to some, the West has its share of vibrant shopping centres, neighbourhood shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and, best of all, abundant greenery making it one of the most challenging region for chasing mén.