The chasing men team leads dressed in black and white, posing in front of a door house at Petain Road.

the passionate team behind the artwork

The chasing mén 1965 artwork is developed by chasing mén, a creative collective launched through a partnership between INTERLUNAR and Trampolene.

Trampolene is a research and technology non-profit spin-off of A*STAR that provides solutioning to bring about change and positively impact the lives of the underprivileged. INTERLUNAR is a digital transformation and innovation startup tackling the most significant challenges in work, life, and play.

Together, the chasing mén collective aims to continue producing and releasing digital assets to celebrate the rich tapestry of Singapore's heritage.

Cwatic is the project's mystery brainchild, one who's into art collection, curation and benefitting the disadvantaged. He has helped steer this project to new heights, and the journey would not have been possible without his creative direction and inquisitive thoughts.

The team behind the artwork comprises a mix of technology leaders, entrepreneurs, digital strategists, and design experts, banding together to bring the heart and soul of the artwork to life.

Partnering with Trampolene has helped provide neurodivergent persons in Singapore opportunities to grow their employability skills.

The chasing men team dressed in black and white, posing in front of a door house at Petain Road.

Through connecting with Trampolene, the chasing mén team grew to a rich neurodiverse team. Led by Cheok Xue Ting and Zenas Oh, they include numerous talented members with special needs. The photographers for this project, who have been traversing Singapore’s streets seeking unique shophouse doors to make up the chasing mén art piece, are Mirzal Ashraf, Gareth Chua, Justine Hong, Chee Yong and Yoong Jin.

They have autism, often limiting their opportunities to participate in large-scale projects such as this one. Their passion spoke when granted this opportunity, enabling these photographers to take on integral roles within the chasing mén team.

The final member of the chasing mén team (also from Trampolene) is Ai Li, a skillful photo editor, who has cerebral palsy. While communication with Ai is only possible through text, she is a vital part of the project, and chasing mén would not deliver the same impact without her.

Five people, a mix of boys and girls, posing behind a couple of opened umbrellas lying on the floor.One of the chasing men team member posing with a peace sign, while on a boat with a few other team members.One of the team member sitting in front of a laptop working on photo editing, as part of the artwork curation process.A man using his phone to take a photo of the door that is surrounded by a few pots of plants.
beyond the
Within chasing mén, we discover doors gleaming with golden accents and linguistic phrases conveying prosperity, humble doors shrouded by virtuous symbolism, and run-down doors coated in stickers by those who have called that space home.
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